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Heal the Sick

It’s hard to imagine a child dying from diarrhea or a minor cut becoming a life-threatening infection, but this is the reality for many families around the world. Your gift can help reach the sick and impoverished through free mobile medical clinics, distributing medicine and medical supplies and training and equipping Community Health Workers. You can also help provide prenatal care and PAP tests so more women’s lives can be saved.

Provide healthcare for a family for an entire year | $50
Sponsor a Community Health Worker for a month | $100
Sponsor a full medical mission. | $1,000
Provide healthcare for an entire commnity for a year| $3,600
Provide sanitation to a school, including toilets, a hand washing station and sinks | $5,000

*Each gift from this catalog will be applied where the need is greatest.

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Heal the Sick
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