Operation Blessing Giving Catalog

Giving Catalog

Alleviating Hunger at Home

With the U.S. economy recovering slowly after a historic collapse that included massive job losses, many households have slipped below the poverty line. In fact, one in five children in the U.S. today lives in poverty*.

But you can help provide struggling American families with healthy food like bread, beans, milk and fruit to help fill empty pantries and nourish growing kids.

Sponsor the cost of delivering a week’s worth of food and relief to nine families | $25
Supplement three meals a day for 23 children for one week | $50
Supplement 950 meals for hungry children | $100
Fill the fuel tank of an Operation Blessing tractortrailer, allowing it to travel 1,800 miles to deliver food and relief | $900
Sponsor the cost of delivering an entire truckload of donated food and relief, benefiting 900 families | $2,500

*Each gift from this catalog will be applied where the need is greatest.

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Alleviate Hunger at Home
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