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Fight Human Trafficking

Every year, 21 million men, women and children are trafficked worldwide*. Vulnerable children and families in places like Mexico and Brazil are kidnapped, lured with promises of well-paying jobs or manipulated by people they trust. They’re separated from loved ones and sent into prostitution or forced labor.

Your gift can help stop human trafficking by supporting Operation Blessing’s three-fold response:

Prevention: Helping people avoid becoming victims of human trafficking through increased awareness, training, advocacy and collaboration

Intervention: Providing resources and helping coordinate efforts to reach out to and rescue human trafficking victims

Restoration: Restoring the lives of survivors of human trafficking

Provide a Hope Kit to two girls working the street, including food, clothing, hygiene items and information on where to get help | $50
Provide educational support for a trafficking survivor for one year | $100
Provide food, lodging, security, education, medicine and counseling for a trafficked child | $250
Renovate a kitchen, bedrooms, living area and educational area, complete with computers, at a shelter for trafficking survivors | $250

*Each gift from this catalog will be applied where the need is greatest.

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Fight Human Trafficking
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