Operation Blessing Giving Catalog

Giving Catalog

Provide Life-Changing Surgery

Children in places like Africa, Latin America and Asia are often relegated to a life of ostracism and shame if they suffer from cleft lip, clubfoot, cataracts or other medical conditions. Many are unable to attend school, secure a job or become self-sufficient. Yet these children and their families can have a new life if they’re given the chance to get corrective surgery.

Your gift to help provide surgeries like cleft lip repair, cataract surgery, clubfoot treatment and other common operations can enable more children to lead productive and happy lives.

Provide a lifesaving surgery to someone in need. | $500
Provide two surgeries! | $1,000

*The gifts represented within these pages are representative of how your support will be invested to change the lives of the poor. Operation Blessing is truly grateful for your compassion and will put your gift to work where it is needed and can bring about lasting change. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

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