Operation Blessing Giving Catalog

Giving Catalog

Build A Well

In remote villages where children and women sometimes walk miles for water, a single water well can change everything. You can help us drill more wells and improve the quality of life for entire communities.

Suggested gift amount:

  • Build a community well and save lives 4000
  • Co-sponsor a community well 2000
  • Give 200 monthly for 20 months to build a well**

When you co-sponsor a well for 2,000 or sponsor an entire well for 4,000 you receive:

  • A plaque at your sponsored well with a personalized inscription.
  • An information packet* about the people served by your sponsored well.
  • A photograph and a map of the general location of the well.

*Please allow 9-12 months to receive your packet.
**Your card will be charged each month on same date.

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